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O Apóstrofo Inglês

Em inglês, o apóstrofo (apostrophe) usa-se:

1- Em formas possessivas:
This is John’s house.
These are the boys’ bicycles.

Para mais exemplos, veja possessive case.

2- Em formas contraídas:
a) verbos:
I’ll see you tomorrow.
He doesn’t like coffee.

Para mais exemplos, veja verb contractions.

b) datas:
John was born in ’97.
They met in the summer of ’92.

c) horas:
See you at 7 o’clock.

d) dialectos (por ex. h mudo):
When ‘e arrived ‘ome, ‘is wife kissed ‘im.

3- Em certos plurais:
a) letras:
How many c’s and m’s are there in accommodation?

b) números:
Life was hard in the 1920′s.
The way you write, your 7′s look like 1′s.

c) palavras:
You have seven and’s in this sentence. There are too many!

d) abreviaturas:
John met two VIP’s yesterday.
How many MP’s do you know personally?