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Business English (2)

Existem muitos termos em inglês que são utilizados nas empresas assim como o português, ou seja, estamos cada vez mais incorporando um vocabulário estrangeiro devido à famosa globalização. Hoje escolhi alguns, entre muitos outros, usados nas empresas.

The 4 Ps of the Marketing Mix: Product, Place, Price, Promotion
S.W.O.T.: Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Ad: abbr. advertisement
Advertisement: n. item of publicity for a product or service, in magazine, on TV etc.
Target: n. objective; what one is aiming at


Chairman (UK): n. person who heads a Board of Directors; head of a company, chairperson
Manager: n. person responsible for day-to-day running of a dept.; executive officer (USA)

Staff: n. the people who work for a firm or a particular department; employees

c.&f.: abbr. cost & freight – includes shipping to named port but not insurance
c.i.f.: abbr. cost, insurance & freight – includes insurance and shipping to named port
container: n. huge box to hold goods for transport
f.o.b.: abbr. free on board: includes loading onto ship
ship: v. to send or transport by land, sea or air – also n. shipment
freight: n. goods being transported; cargo

Agenda: n. a written program or schedule for a meeting
Conference: n. formal meeting for discussion, esp. a regular one held by an organization
Conference call: n. telephone call between three or more people in different locations
Minutes: n. a written record of everything said at a meeting
Videoconference: n. conference of people in different locations linked by satellite, TV, etc.

Flip chart: n. a pad of large paper sheets on a stand for presenting information
O.H.T.: abbr. overhead transparency – sheet of film with image for overhead projector
Overhead projector: n. device that projects on O.H.T. onto a screen

Fonte: Basic Marketing (E. Jerome McCarthy / William D. Perreault, Jr.) – IRWIN
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