Inglês - Teste de Nivelamento

Escolha clicando na opção correta de cada questão e em seguida clique em "Ver Resultado".

1. How old are you?
A. I have 27 years old
B. I have 27 years
C. I am fine
D. I am 27 years old

2. He went to the stadium _______.
A. with taxi
B. by taxi
C. on taxi
D. in taxi

3. Peter _______ fly to San Francisco tomorrow.
A. to going
B. goes to
C. is going to
D. go to

4. He plays soccer _______.
A. on wednesdays
B. in wednesdays
C. at wednesdays
D. by wednesdays

5. Choose the best option.
A. Richard usually arrives late.
B. Richard late arrives usually
C. Richard late usually arrives.
D. Richard usually late arrives.

6. The house was empty. There _______ there.
A. wasn't nobody
B. was anybody
C. was somebody
D. was nobody

7. By the time you finish the class I _______.
A. will have left
B. leave
C. going to leave
D. would left

8. The room can't be dirty, she _______.
A. is just clean it
B. have just cleaned it
C. just clean it
D. has just cleaned it

9. Wendy is _______ Paul to get up now.
A. telling
B. saying
C. saying to
D. telling to

10. Have you sent that letter to Mr. Taylor?
Yes, I've _______ done that.

A. still
B. yet
C. already
D. now
11. You can watch TV _______ you like.
A. whenever
B. soon
C. always
D. whatever

12. This house is quite old. It _______ in 1910.
A. built
B. was built
C. build
D. has built

13. The lady _______ in the corner is my aunt.
A. whose
B. is sitting
C. sits
D. sitting

14. Choose the best option.
A. He used to play chess very often.
B. He uses play chess very often.
C. He was played chess very often.
D. He didn't playing chess very often.

15. He remembers being _______ to the fair as a child.
A. visited
B. brought
C. taken
D. shown

16. Finishing a course is always _______.
A. satisfying
B. satisfaction
C. satisfies
D. satisfied

17. I wish I _______ a car, I'm tired of catching the bus.
A. have
B. had
C. would have
D. had had

18. Peter can eat _______ as twenty oranges in one sitting.
A. so many
B. so much
C. as many
D. as much

19. Hotel rooms must be _______ by noon.
A. vacated
B. evacuated
C. abandoned
D. leave

20. You can take the book with you _______ you give it back.
A. as well as
B. as time as
C. as far as
D. as long as